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Fiber Internet is Here!

Arvig MultiWav is a Minnesota-based company providing apartments, townhomes, and condominium complexes the fastest, most reliable broadband Internet service in the Twin Cities. MultiWav delivers Fiber Optic Internet by using our existing fiber network to bring speeds, up to a gigabit, that allow you to experience the best from streaming Internet TV services, gaming, and connected devices alike.

Customer satisfaction, simplicity, and performance are our top priorities. We are changing the industry by removing pain points such as contracts, taxes and fees, inconsistent billing, credit checks, equipment rental fees and data caps. Consumers can now take control of their internet options by choosing MultiWav!

Arvig Multiwav Coverage Map

Are you an apartment owner?

MultiWav Fiber provides multi-dwelling communities increased property values, updated infrastructure, and the ability to market the most sought-after amenity in the industry.

Click here to bring Fiber to your building. Check out our reviews here.

Arvig MultiWav is a proud and active PMAC member of the Minnesota Housing Association/CIC.